Breeders List

In an effort to help people interested in purchasing a Newfoundland dog, the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. has a list of breeders who have met certain qualifications.

The Breeder's List should be viewed as a starting point in your search for a Newfoundland puppy. Consider these experienced breeders as sources of information and networking. Most reputable breeders do not produce multiple litters every single year and seldom if ever have puppies available on demand. Also, please note the contact information provided by each breeder. If they provide a mailing address or phone number, those will probably be their preferred method of contact. Use the email icon to open an email link for the breeder, keeping in mind that breeders receive numerous inquiries every week for a very limited number of puppies. An email that contains no information about you and your needs/wants for a pup other than "Do you have any pups available? How Much?" will probably not elicit an in-depth consideration by the breeder.

To receive the most up-to-date information about available puppies, contact the NCA Breeder Referral Hotline - call 1-866-NCA-NEWF (1-866-622-6393) 9AM and 9PM EST or email

Breeder Qualifications

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